What to do in Kep?
(prices as of June 2015)
A more detailed list of what to do can be found on www.visitkep.com
Kep Beach and around
If you turn left reaching the main road coming from the Kep Lodge, turn to the right at the roundabout, you will arrive at the Crab Market (Psar Gadam), home of the most delicious seafood in Cambodia. If you are opting for a delicious dinner, try the Shrimps with spices at the Kimley restaurant (the only one with a sign). Brand new the Baraka just opened its door also located at the Crab Market and offering some seriously good pizzas, pastas and salads. It is also a nice place to meet at the bar or on the terrace overlooking the ocean. Continuing this road, will bring you to the Beach of Kep. It is about 1km long and is bordered by some shady umbrella trees (there are shower and changing cabins behind the beach). Dining platforms, seafood and fruit vendors line the road behind the beach.

On the elevated peninsular to your right you can see the royal palace, constructed for King Sihanouk, although he never lived here. A bit further away lies the coconut beach, not as nice as the Kep beach and hardly no shade. Another 2 km on this road will bring you to Kep City, a small town with a small market located in the former casino. Along this road, there is a new restaurant, Breezes, which offers you not only a romantic surrounding, Jerome the Dutch-Korean owner prepares an eclectic mix of 'Fusion food' like the shrimps on a Rum and chili sauce. To die for!

To your left, on the mountain you can see a recently finished Temple (also a Vipassana Meditation Center), with stunning views to Vietnam and to the islands. On this road you will find the French School of Kep (Ecole Francais de Kep) open since July 2009 and giving free lessons to the Khmer kids. You are welcome to have a look around and to give a donation to the School and teachers, which mainly work for free.

Activities? – Explore the charm of Kep, its friendly people, the great seafood and its quiet streets.

How to get there? – The best way to explore Kep is by bicycle, if you want to avoid the heat, rent a motorbike and drive around.

What does it cost? – We have bicycle free of charge, can also arrange mountain bikes for a cost of US$ 2.50/day. The daily rental of a small motorcycle is $8.

Massage in Kep

Since a couple of weeks Lide Khmer Massage has opened and offers very relaxing foot massage, or you can treat yourself with a refreshing oil massage or ease the tension with a traditional tahi massage.
Lida's place is located on the main road to Kampot, 50 m after the trun to Kep Lodge.

What are the costs? The cost for 1 hour is $9.- If you prefer to have this massage in your room at the Kep Lodge, we charge $10-$15 depening what kind of massage you like.

Contact? You can contact Lida directly under 012 953 427 or at our reception.
Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)

The small Rabbit Island lies just 15 minutes offshore of Kep City and offers one of the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia. White sand, plenty of coconut trees, fishermen and a few very basic guest houses which also cater fresh seafood make this destination one of the most popular places for our guests.
It is also possible to make a three island tour, where you first visit the Mango Island, then stop for swimming and lunch at the Rabbit Island, before you continue to Koh Poh.

Activities? – Swimming, snorkeling, enjoy fresh Crabs or other seafood, relaxing.

How to go? – You either take a motorbike-taxi (Motodub) or a Tuk Tuk to the pier in Kep City, from there you hire a boat to the island.

What are the costs? – A motorbike-taxi to the pier is $2.5 one way, a Tuk Tuk
$3 one way, return $5. The price per person inclduing the Tuk Tuk is $8, the return boat trip to the island costs US$25 per boat, max 6 people.

Bokor Hill Station

With over 1000m in height, the Bokor Hill Station, which was built in the 1920s by the French, provides a refreshing break from the heat on the coast. The views over the dense rainforest towards the sea are some of the most impressive in Cambodia. The things to see are the Bokor Palace and Casino (picture), a church, the black Palace and the Five Boat Pagoda and the Popokvil Waterfalls, that only has water during the rainy season.
Since a couple of years there is a new Chinese Style Casino on top of Bokor with a hotel ($40-$60/night) with a casino and several restaurants. The Sokha Group has obtained a 99 year lease and is also about to build several thousands houses.

Activities? – Visit and wander around the ruins, enjoying the breathtaking views across the Gulf towards Phu Quoc Island, jungle trekking, watching the wildlife (it is said that elephants, tigers and leopards live in the jungle), casino gambling.

How to go? – The 33km road to Bokor takes 30min and it is probably one of the best roads in Cambodia and makes a lovely drive. There is a charge of $2.5 to use the road with the car, a bit less with a motorbike.


Jungle Trek in the Kep National Park

The Kep National Park is of medium size and is located around the Kep Mountain (just behind the Kep Lodge). There is an 8km trek which leads around the mountain with beautiful outlook points to Kampot, the islands and to Vietnam. Next to the three big antennas near the beach is a small Nuns-Pagoda, where you can buy tea made from wood, which is good against head ache or stomach pain! The walk around the mountain takes between two and three hours. It is a nice place to escape the hot temperature on the coast. Around the trek you find plenty of signs and look out points, all very well maintained by Christian, the owner of the Led Zep cafe. He recently dislocated his restaurant from near the beach to Jungle Trek. His new place offers nice snacks and coffee and offers a great view overlooking Kep and the ocean. He has maybe the best view of Kep.
Alternatively you can hire a guide, leave the trek and explore the dense jungle. Good shoes and a portion of adventuress are recommended for the dense jungle.
Christian from Led Zep opened up several other small treks, all of which are nicely sing posted.

Activities? – Explore the jungle; see some wild animals and beautiful plants, views.

How to go? – From the Kep Lodge, there is a small trail going up the mountain that leads to the Jungle Trek. Alternatively, you walk towards the roundabout on the main road and then turn left up the hill (better road).

What does it cost? – Entrance near Veranda $1; a guide costs you per half a day $4.

Angkul (Secret) Beach

The Secret Beach of Kep is a remote beach to the east from Kep. The white beach is quite long and many coconut trees border the beach. There is a small fishing village and a small temple on the hill behind. The possibilities of food or drinks are very limited, but there are some khmer vendors where you can buy cold drinks and some food. There are also some bungalows with hammocks to relax and enjoy.

Activities? – Swimming, sun bathing, relaxing

How to go? – You can go by motodub, or can explore it by yourself. It is quite easy to find. On the road to Phnom Penh/Kompong Trach you turn right and follow the electricity poles, before the salt fields you turn right (there is a entrance gate for the temple) and just follow this road. It takes about 40 minutes from Kep.

What are the costs? – A motodub for the whole day is $12, a Tuk Tuk $20, hiring your own motorbike costs $8 per day.

Good in combination with Kompong Trach, Pepper Plantation, or the Vietnam Border.
Colonial Town Kampot

The Provincial capitol Kampot is 24km away from Krong Kep and is quite different than the much more touristy beach town Sihanoukville. Quiet streets, few tourists, beautiful French colonial buildings and an interesting market make this town a lovely daytrip.
The very good infrastructure with several internet cafés, banks, western grocery shopping, book stores and a variety of excellent Khmer and western restaurants serve all the travelers needs.

Kampot is home of one of the best restaurants on the southeast coast, the Rikitikitavi, located on the riverfront. For a truly English bar feeling, try the Rusty Keyhole with their famous prok rips, also located on the riverfront.

Activities? – Visit the market, Internet and Email, excursion on the Kamong Bay River, ice cream shopping, fine dining.

How to go? – You can go by motodub, by Tuk Tuk or drive your own motorbike.

What are the costs? – A motodub charges one way $5, return $10, a Tuk Tuk is one way $10, return $20.
A visit of Kampot is good in combination with the Tekchhou water rapids.

The Caves of Kompong Trach and Phnom Chnugk

Kompong Trach and its caves are about 35km to the northeast of Kep. The town itself is not really appealing, has a basic guest house and only no decent restaurants. A good idea is to bring your own lunch or to eat at the Vine Retreat. The reason to go there are the caves, which are located to your left after the Temple

in the middle of the city. From the turn it is another 20min drive, before you see the cave entrance to your right. The limestone caves are quite big and there are many children waiting to guide you. Inside of the cave you find a big reclining Buddha as well as some smaller statues. Very interesting is also the purple earth.
There is also a small lake inside the cave (the 'Swimming Cave'), located about 10min drive from the main cave, following the train tracks. Instead of turning right, towards the main cave, please trun left direction lake and ask the kids where the Swimming Cave is.

There are also the Caves of Phnom Chnugk, located in the opposite direction than Kompong Trach, about 10km after the White Horse Market direction Kampot. The caves are not as big as the caves from Kompong Trach, but they have an old Buddhist Shrine inside, dating some 800 years back.

Activities? – Cave exploring, swimming in the lake, see the beautiful countryside on the way there.

How to go? – You can hire a motodub or Tuk Tuk or can drive by yourself (easy to find). It is a beautiful drive through the countryside. You can also drive along Phnom Voir and visit a Pepper Plantation on the way.

What are the costs? – To go by motodub it cost you around $9, by Tuk Tuk
$20 roundtrip. The cost of hiring a motorbike for a day is $8.
The entry fee to both caves is about $1/person.

The caves of Kompong Track are good in combination with the Pepper Plantation or Angkul Beach. The price for this one day excursion is per motodub $20, per Tuk Tuk $25.

Tekchhou Water Rapids

The Tekchhou falls are located about 12km from Kampot, offer ok swimming
possibilities in the cool rapids and a pleasant river breeze. There are plenty of food stalls around which cater you with a big variety fresh fish, squid or shrimps. It is a very popular place for Khmers on the weekend, so it is best to go during the week.

Activities? – Swimming, relaxing, enjoying the fresh fish

How to go? – You can go by motodub or drive yourself. After you arrive in Kampot, cross the river and after 400 meter turn to your right. From there it is another 20 min drive, just follow the road.

What does it cost? – The motodub charges about $20 for the round trip, Tuk Tuk $30, again hiring your own motorbike is the cheaper option and it is very easy to find. On weekends there might be an entrance fee to the rapids of $1-$2 per person.

Sailing club

The relatively new Sailing Club next to the luxury Hotel Knai Bang Chatt offers not only cold beer, a wide selection of cocktails and some mainly western food, you can also rent sailboat or Kayak there. They offer 2 different Hobie Cats, 2 Kayaks, a surfboard, a wake board and some mountain Bikes.
It is a great place for a sunset cocktail or to spend your afternoon surfing or kayaking around.

Activities?: Sailing, surfing, kayaking, wake boarding, relaxing, eating and drinking.

How to go?: You can easily walk to the place. It is about 10 min from the Kep Lodge.

What does it cost?: Please see the different prices directly at the Sailing Club

Salt fields and Pepper Plantations

Kampot and surroundings are one of the major salt producers of Cambodia. You see some salt fields near the White Horse Market (Psahr See Sor) or near Angkul Beach, so it is best to do this in combination with another activity.

The Kampot Pepper is one of the best in the world and has even been exported to France during the French regime. One of the major site of producing Pepper is near Phnom Voir, about 20min drive from Kep. It is possible to buy fresh and/or dried black pepper directly from the fields.

Activities? – Explore the salt fields, buy fresh pepper and see locals cultivating it.

How to go? – You can go by motodub or drive your own bike. The pepper plantations next to Phnom Voir are a bit difficult to find, we recommend to take a guide.

Good in combination with Kompong Trach or Angkul Beach. The Salt Fields are good together with Kampot town or the Tekchhou Water Rapids.

Vietnam Border

To go to Vietnam directly from Kep via the recently opened Hat Yen border crossing, the transportation costs are by motodub $15 or by Tuk Tuk $20. If you want to go by air con car, the costs are around $25.

(prices may vary, compiled in August 2007, update in November 2015)